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Over half of the world’s population will be using social media by 2020, bringing the total to over 3.8 billion people. Of them, 54% will use social media to learn more about the company from which they want to make a purchase. Because of this, social media marketing has become a requirement in our digital age. Brand awareness on social media and a robust online presence has become the most difficult tasks for every marketer today.

This concludes our list of social media optimization guidelines for marketers, which should make it easier for them to design a social media plan that will eventually boost their company’s visibility across multiple social media platforms.

Publish High-Value Material

In terms of substance, it is all about the quality first. Use relevant keywords throughout the content to help the web spiders discover your site and give it a boost on the search engine results page.

Understanding your audience’s requirements and problems is the most efficient method of creating content. Content should not concentrate on “this is what my service/product can accomplish,” but on how you can help customers solve their issues (e.g., via your service/product and industry expertise).

Maintaining a regular posting schedule can show search engines that you are an active user, which may help you rank higher in search results.

Produce Content That People Will Want To Share

Social media is generally used as a marketing tool to help you achieve more customers, convey your brand message, and increase your brand recognition.

More significant growth and lead generation may be achieved by reaching more users. Including a call-to-action in your content motivates the user to interact with it.

The following elements may help make your material more “shareable” and hence more attractive and engaging to your target audience:

  • Make intriguing and attention-grabbing headlines and captions.
  • Put up some eye-catching graphics to go along with your content.
  • Aim for audience interest by tailoring your material to their needs.

Your website’s ranking improves because of the quality and amount of backlinks it receives when publishing shareable content.

Increasing your social media shares may take time and dedication, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Create Profiles That Are 100% Optimized

Researching businesses before purchasing is now part of a process for consumers looking for new products or services. As a result, prospective clients will likely check your social media profiles before getting in touch with you.

Having social accounts that are not adequately optimized might be a massive hindrance throughout this process. Maintain a consistent brand image throughout your platforms, including your blog, website, and social media profiles, to improve your page’s performance. Even Google likes it since it helps prospective consumers recognize you.

Make Eye Contact With Your Readers

In today’s social media world, staying in touch is simpler than ever. Because of your efforts to stay connected, the connection becomes more robust.

It is critical to maintaining eye contact with your audience as a means of fostering a sense of trust and authority. Another advantage is that you will be able to sell to them more effectively since you will better grasp their wants and the issue they’re seeking to address.

There are several ways you may connect with your audience, including the following:

  • In response to remarks
  • Asking readers what they want in your future blog post is an easy way to create polls.
  • Asking open-ended questions in your blog posts
  • Create a competition
  • Your social media postings should include deals like free delivery or discounts on your products.
  • Analyze any unanswered queries on your articles
  1. Optimize Your Images for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Why does the human brain analyze visual material at a rate of 13 milliseconds per image? With this in mind, the importance of graphics in marketing is obvious. When you include images in your social media postings, you increase the likelihood that others will see and understand what you are trying to say.

Images must be optimized for search engines to get the most out of their use. The following should be included in your photos for maximum optimization:

  • Use dashes to separate important keywords when naming the picture file.
  • Make that the photos are mobile-friendly.
  • Reduce the file size so that it loads more quickly.
  • Captions containing relevant keywords should be included.

While it is OK to include keywords in your alt and title text, you should avoid blackhat tactics like keyword stuffing. High-quality images are more likely to elicit a response from your audience.

Analyze Your Outcomes Using Metrics

Are you tracking the effects of your current marketing efforts? It’s possible to overlook critical information on how to increase your marketing performance if you don’t track it.

In terms of marketing, knowing whether the social media efforts are bringing in a good ROI is like gold – consider the following:

  • Can we recognize the sections of social media that are performing best for you?
  • Can you think of ways to enhance or eliminate strategies from your strategy?
  • Are you wasting your time and money?

You cannot tell whether your social media marketing strategy works if you don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish.

This data additionally may also assist you in making better-educated judgments about your approach when making modifications and objectives.

Place More Emphasis On Interaction Than Numbers of Fans

Getting these shares and likes, also known as social signals, is the most valuable thing you can do for your SEO Company INDIA. You will be more likely to get the shares or likes you want by providing the material that invites discussion.

Engaging your audience is the best way to show Google that your material is valuable and helpful to your target demographic.

Intriguing captions or storytelling are two ways to do this. To attract people to click & share your posts, you must include engaging tale excerpts.


The more times a piece of material is shared on social media, the more likely it is to be discovered and the longer its shelf life will be.

Your content, social media strategies, and the associated statistics, must be coordinated. If you want people to speak about and share your material, you need to produce fascinating stuff yourself.

Updating and repurposing existing high-performing material may extend its useful life.

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